Catch and Release

The Players must rescue an important figure from Imperial custody before it’s too late!

The Mission

Players must rescue John Barrette from Imperial custody, while he’s being transferred to a supermax. If the players delay too long, or the convey successfully brings John, the players will miss the opportunity to get him.

The Rundown

  • The players studied the map, and Killroy prepared several pizzas with a known sleeping agent.
  • Killroy ordered the pizzas to be delivered to a local TV station.
  • Players then stormed the TV station, hacked the cameras, and stole a news van.
  • Hop, masquerading as Axel, networked with his contact, Bovo, and arranged for several henchmen to join them.
  • Killroy manufactured an explosive, and planted it in a vehicle near the governor’s home. The explosive went off, causing an investigation.
  • Two of the henchmen robbed a nearby bank.
  • Axel staged a series of explosives around a bridge underpass that the transport was scheduled to travel under. When the time was right, the explosions went off, trapping the transport under the bridge.
  • All events were recorded and broadcast with the news van.
  • John was successfully rescued.

Introduction Text

After pinning a dead drop on Oliver Kain, and narrowly escaping a hangar with a cache of supplies for the Rebellion, your team finds themselves in the tiny derelict shop run by Moat, a Wiley Toydarian. The stubby shelves are packed with merchandise new and old.

You’re ready to leave, when Moat pulls out a holo projector. “Not so fast,” he says with a grin, “your contact has asked me to give you your next steps. Tomorrow, head south towards-”

At that moment, your contact bursts through a previously unseen door, into the room. “Let’s hold off on that for right now, Moat. We just got word on John Barrette; he’s being moved. Tonight.”

The Toydarian considered this for a moment, his face twisting in thought. “So what do we do?”

The contact looks at all of you.

“We send them.”

Moat thinks for another beat, before nodding. He steps back so your contact can get closer.

“Peter Barrette is a Correllian, and CEO of a company you may have heard before. It’s called Incom. They’ve produced a series of fighters called Z95 Headhunters- old ships that he’s has been selling to our little group on the side.”

“Three days ago, Peter’s son John went missing. We suspected Imperial intervention, but we couldn’t prove it. Until now.”

A new hologram appears on Moat’s viewer.

“This is a transfer order and a convoy number, and there’s only one prisoner-that is John Barrette’s ID. We need you to rescue him. Do not make his small. Go large. Use explosives, get holo cams on it, disrupt highway systems…whatever you can to get Correllians to pay attention. We want the entire planet to see who’s responsible for taking Incom’s golden son.”

“If you get him safely back to his father, and prove that imperials were responsible, we’re confident that we can get the entire Incom company to join the Rebellion.

Think about that.

Incom is one of the most innovative, most agile companies in the galaxy. It would be a devastating blow to the empire."

The Contact pulls up a map of the edge of Coronet city.

“They’ll be moving Barrette from this operations center, here, to CorSec’s supermax, on the south side of Coronet city. It’s happening at 0200, which means you’ve got about eight hours to formulate a plan. Your best bet is to strike at the convoy while it’s moving…both the OC and the Supermax are going to be virtually impossible to get into on such short notice. So, intercept the convoy, retrieve Barrette, and make some god damned noise. Moat, I’m authorizing the release of 4,000 credits- unfortunately it’s all we got. Get ‘em anything they need with that, I don’t give a damn what hole you gotta crawl into to find it.”

Moat nods, and the Contact moves to the door.

“If you get him safely, I’ll transmit instructions on where to deliver him. Goodluck, gentlemen.”

And with that, your Contact mysteriously fades back into the wall.

Additional Information

  • After making a stealth episode, the GM wanted to invert the formula, and challenge the players to be as loud as possible.
  • This was the first of a new format of game- instead of rigid, structured encounters, players were asked to perform a GTA style “Heist”, where several events had to be planned in advance. Several hooks were left for the players to uncover, and they invented many options themselves.
  • The GM wanted the players to start actually affecting the Rebellion- and this was the first arc/idea. What if the players were the guys responsible for getting X-Wings? What if they were the ones that got Incom on board?



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